Lutronic Skin Tightening

Lutronic Skin Tightening

At our Medical Spa we always strive to offer our clients advanced non-invasive technologies to meet their rejuvenation needs. Lutronic YAG Laser is a gentle non-invasive device that precisely targets aging skin effectively and safely. It erases fine wrinkles, diminishes acne scars and tightens sagging skin.

If you are on the lookout for a safe, non-invasive and clinically effective procedure that will help you attain tight and smooth skin, our Laser-assisted Skin Tightening procedure would be a perfect fit. The procedure targets the collagen fibers found in the deeper dermal compartment of the skin, triggering new collagen formation thus improving facial contours. Lutronic YAG Laser is a revolutionary device that will smoothen out fine wrinkles, plump-up and sculpt sagging and lax skin.

Why LutronicYAG Laser-Assisted Skin Tightening is a Winner

  • No downtime – You can walk away after your treatment without any side effects.
  • No discomfort – It is relatively painless.
  • No significant post-treatment care or residual side effects.
  • Skin tightening can be done on the day of an important occasion or party.
  • No pre-treatment prepping of area being treated is required.
  • Long-lasting continuous cosmetic benefits for months after treatment sessions have been completed.
  • The treatments trigger a natural biophysical response that will awaken and enliven native collagen.

The End Result: Youthful, Taut and Smooth Skin.