KeraLase is a novel treatment from Lutronic, a highly regarded aesthetic technology company, that combines two effective therapies into one treatment for incredible results:

  • Lutronic LaseMD® laser treatment
  • KeraFactor® serum application

First, the Lutronic LaseMD® laser is applied all over your scalp to help optimize your scalp’s absorption properties. This is done first as a pre-conditioning treatment because your skin is designed by nature to keep things out, rather than letting them in; the LaseMD helps prepare your skin for the second component of the treatment, KeraFactor® hair growth serum, by opening up the channels of the hair follicles so they are better able to absorb the serum. After the LaseMD treatment is complete, which takes about five minutes, the KeraFactor serum is topically applied to your scalp, to help promote thicker, stronger, and fuller hair in both women and men. The KeraFactor serum consists of high concentrations of five growth factors and two types of skin proteins, which are is designed to target the issues that can lead to hair loss and an unhealthy scalp. Nanoliposomes are used to optimally deliver the proteins and growth factors after your scalp has been conditioned with the LaseMD laser, which has been shown to increase absorption of these particles.

KeraLase is extremely versatile—it can be used on both women and men, and on all types of skin and hair. It is important to be aware that it will not work for scarring alopecia, so your Esthetician will first evaluate and diagnose the reason for your hair loss before recommending the best treatment approach.

THE NEW therapy for Thinning Hair

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